New Patients at Sage Mountain Acupuncture


We require two forms be completed for your initial visit,
and we have them available here for download.
Welcome & SMA Policies
Health History

How do I prepare for treatment?

  • Eat 1 to 2 hours prior to your appointment time.
  • Fill out the Health & Medical History Questionnaire and bring it with you to your first appointment or come in 15 minutes before your appointment to complete your Health & Medical History Questionnaire.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes that are easily moved up to your knees and elbows.

What to expect during a treatment

The first treatment begins with a consultation and review of your health history questionnaire. The acupuncturist will ask clarifying questions and inquire about your general health.

Because no symptom is viewed in isolation, you may be asked questions that seem unrelated to your complaint. You will have an opportunity to ask questions also.

After the consultation, the acupuncturist will palpate meridians of your arms to your elbows, legs to your knees, your abdomen, and feel your pulse. She will look at your tongue and may ask more clarifying questions.

The first part of the treatment addresses the basic balance of Qi in the yin and yang meridians. The acupuncturist will often return to your pulse to verify that the treatment is proceeding effectively. The second part of the treatment addresses any specific symptoms. Often patients report a feeling of deep relaxation and may even fall asleep.

An acupuncture treatment may include some of these non-needle methods:

  • Moxabustion: Using the herb mugwort to heat the skin over an area.
  • Cupping: A specialized glass jar is used to create suction over an area.
  • TDP lamp: An infrared heat lamp is used to warm an area.
  • Acupressure: Pressing with a fingertip on an acupuncture point.
  • Tui na: Chinese medical massage.

The treatment might conclude with any of the following:

  • Nutrition and life-style counseling
  • Herb or supplement prescriptions
  • Exercise recommendations

How do I prepare for a treatment?

  • Eat 1-2 hours before your treatment time. It is best to not be too full for your treatment, but by all means do not skip eating.
  • If possible, wear loose clothing that is easily moved to above your elbows and knees.
  • For the first treatment bring completed medical intake or come before your appointment time to complete it at the office.
  • Allow up to 2 hours for your first treatment and 45 minutes to 1 hour for subsequent treatments.

What can I expect after a treatment? What should I do after a treatment?

  • You may be more relaxed or have a greater sense of well being.
  • You may notice changes in your energy or sleep.
  • Notice any changes in your physical, mental or emotional aspects.
  • It's best to give yourself time to integrate the treatment so avoid heavy exercise, sex, alcohol, or other extremes.
  • Drink water and eat if you are hungry.

Do you take insurance?

  • Teri is a preferred provider for some insurances and an "out of network provider" for other insurances.
  • She will also bill Personal Injury Protection (PIP) for auto accidents.

Will insurance cover my treatments?

It is best to call your insurance company to verify coverage. You can find a list of questions for your insurance in the new patient information. If you would like assistance, please call the office at (206) 384-8736.

Fees and Payment

For insurance billing, fees are based on the procedures and length of treatment. If you do not have insurance or insurance doesn't cover acupuncture, there is a discount for payment at time of service.

Payment is accepted by cash or check. There is a $35 penalty for a bounced check and only one occurrence is permitted.

Cancellation and Late Policy

If you are unable to keep your appointment for any reason, I ask that you call my office at least 24 hours in advance to cancel or reschedule the appointment. Otherwise you may be charged $35 for the appointment. If you are 20 or more minutes late, your appointment may be cancelled.

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