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Toyohari© Japanese Meridian Acupuncture

A type of acupuncture which uses very fine needles and
emphasizes refined, often non-inserted, needling techniques
and specialized treatment methods with non-needle tools.

Chinese-style Acupuncture

The type of acupuncture which is more commonly practiced
in the US. Needles are inserted, and the patient is left to rest.

An acupuncture treatment may include some of these
non-needle methods:

  • Moxabustion: Using the herb mugwort
    to heat the skin over an area.
  • Cupping: A specialized glass jar is used
    to create suction over an area.
  • TDP Lamp: An infrared heat lamp
    is used to warm an area.
  • Acupressure: Pressing with a fingertip
    on an acupuncture point.
  • Tui Na: Chinese medical massage.

The treatment might conclude with any of the following:

  • Nutrition and life-style counseling.
  • Herb or supplement prescriptions.
  • Exercise recommendations.
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